About Me


Private Chef Corey | Live From The Kitchen 

I found my love for cooking at the age of 7. My grandmother taught me so much about food. I learned the basics at a young age. As I got older I knew I wanted to be a chef. I had so many talents growing up. My major was advertising art and photography. I love to take pictures and create art. My presentation skill are so powerful because of the vision I have. I love to incorporate some of my other talents into my chef life. I’m from Buffalo, Ny born and raised. I started selling seafood pans out the trunk of my car. The first year I started doing that I made 6figures! I started my own spice line after that. I created spices that I would use for the meals I would sell. People got addicted to the flavor so I said why not create them so they can purchase. From there I knew this wasn’t it for me. I took on a job as a grill chef in a 5star restaurant because I knew one day I wanted to be a restaurant owner and I needed to see how a kitchen was ran in the back. I gained so much knowledge just being there. About a half year later I started my own private chef business. I gained clients from the Buffalo, Bills & Sabers hockey team in Buffalo, Ny! I still wanted so much more for myself so I moved to Atlanta, GA where I gained so many new clients & food contracts! I also became co-owner / chef of my first restaurant in Georgia at the age of 28. I still have so much more to do in the chef world. My goal is to inspire those with a dream and show anything is possible with the right amount of ambition, talent, drive and consistency!