Know Your Worth Webinar & Self Evaluation course!

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"Chef how much should I charge for this?" "Chef do you think Im under charging myself?" "How do I charge clients for meal plans, or travel?" These are some of the questions I get asked on a daily. I decided to make this 1hr webinar & workbook to help you self evaluate yourself and give you the tools and systems I put in place in order to know how much I will profit and how much I should be charging my clients. I’ll be covering multiple price point packages and different ways you can grow and be more successful in your business by increasing your profits. I will also be covering a few secrets I have in order to gain the right clients that will PAY YOU YOUR WORTH along with websites & resources I use for travel when working events. Reading & completing the PDF workbook is necessary before watching webinar so you can have a better understanding on who you are as a chef and what you bring to the table. After finishing workbook you will also understand who your ideal client is. 

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